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Healthyadet is an education, coaching and consulting initiative that enables the transfer of knowledge using Live sessions, recorded content, documents and AI assistants, to help students achieve outcomes

The Team

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Dietitian Alpana
Healthyadet - Elite Weight Loss Maven | Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Pro | 1000+ Success Stories | Transforming Life

Welcome to Healthyadet, where the journey to your best self begins. I’ve always been captivated by the challenge of weight loss—the myriad of personal battles and the one-size-fits-all solutions that hardly ever worked. I saw friends and family struggle, trying every diet book and trendy fitness plan, only to be met with temporary results or discouragement.

I Dived deeper in the world of fitness to master the art of Health Management, started with graduation in Life sciences then Post-graduation in Dietetics and Health Management with other specialized women health expert courses.

Determined to find a lasting solution, I turned my life into a laboratory. I experimented with nutrition, exercise, and the psychology of eating. It wasn’t easy. There were setbacks and days when it all seemed pointless. But through perseverance, I uncovered a holistic approach that brought real, sustainable results.

I've not only transformed my own health but have guided countless others to do the same. Seeing their lives change has been my greatest reward. Now, my mission is clear: to empower you to shed the weight and embrace the vibrant health you deserve. Together, we can tackle this problem—for good.